Your Passion


E                            B             C#m                        A

I sought You and I found You in the desert and the rain

E                          B   C#m               A

Your fire restores me; let it rain, let it rain

C#m                  A                  E                 B

Because I am dry and thirsty; my light has grown dim

C#m                G#            A                B

Place your hand upon me; draw me in, draw me in




Your passion, Lord, is what I need

C#m                   A

Light the fire and set me free


Burn it deep within my soul

C#m                       A

Ignite the flame and let it grow


I sought You and I found You in the day and in the night

Your love consumes me and your passion gives me flight

I want to fly on wings like eagles and walk and not faint

Lord, I need your zeal so I seek your holy face


You sought me and You found me through my sin and through my shame

Your touch restored me and I’ll never be the same

I’ll fly with You forever, high above the clouds

We’ll walk and talk together; your glory’s all around



Written by Ian Anderson & Lee Bezotte.  ©2002 Andrew’s Music.  All Rights Reserved.